Spécifications Shield
Présentation Shield Wifi Nucleo

Nucleo Wifi Shield

The Shield Wifi Nucleo kit allows you to have a complete turnkey solution for your Nucleo projects.

Are you tired of having to look for codes and information on the firmware and app side to make a simple Wifi connection?

You want to quickly connect your Nucleo from start to finish with an Android smartphone?

With our Nucleo Wifi shield kit, you finally have a turnkey solution!

Everything is provided to you:

  • The Shield Wifi Nucleo electronic card.
  • The Nucleo firmware driver.
  • The Android application and technical documentation.

Everything is there to be operational in a few minutes!

Shield Wifi Benefits

many advantages of using a shield

A complete Wifi kit to be operational

Finally a kit combining hardware and software to achieve wireless communication SIMPLEMENT and QUICKLY

of use

Connect the card to your Target, click to install the software and… it works in a few minutes! no need to waste time searching the internet for missing information…

Integration and

Once the connection has been made and validated, take the code and functions provided and… let’s integrate them and make them evolve into a larger project!

Spécification Shield Wifi Nucleo

Shield Wifi Specifications

Certification Wi-Fi Alliance.
Protocols 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range 2.4G ~ 2.5G (2400M ~ 2483.5M)
PCB Trace, External, IPEX Connector, Ceramic Chip
Wi-Fi Mode
Wi-Fi Mode Station/SoftAP/SoftAP+Station
Wifi connections in access point
Firmware Upgrade
UART Download / OTA (via network)
Network Protocols
IPv4, TCP/UDP/http


  • The codes are commented on with examples
  • The firmware code is written in C for Nucleo
  • Interfaces with the target's native development tools (IDE)
  • Firmware Version 1.00 - 07/03/2019
Firmware développement de modules connectés Arduino & Nucleo
Application Shield Wifi Nucleo

Android Wifi application

The Android Wifi application is to be installed on your smartphone or Android Tablet. Once this is done, power your Arduino/nucleo + shield Wifi duo and the connection will be established between the systems. The application will allow you to recover the essential data of your wireless link. The application’s Dashboard is simple and efficient, everything happens on a centralized data to support you independently and at your own pace towards your own project. The basics are there and the rest is in your hands!

Customer comments

Some comments from users:

Thanks to this kit, I was able to create a wifi connection very easily on my Nucleo.
Between spending whole days fine-tuning my cards found on ali... or ama... with wires and which often bug, when I saw the price of the IoT shield at home with the software... I didn't hesitate ! congratulations you finally understood what the developers expect!!!!!!!
Finally a great complete kit!!!!! Frankly, I was tired of doing hours and hours of research on GitHub or datahseets
Kit compliant and in 10 minutes it works with my Wiko smartphone... it's great.



Find below all the documents necessary to operate your shield.